Monday, 16 July 2012

Cycling for Erin

On Sunday 8th July, 22 amazing cyclists rode from Manchester to Blackpool to raise money for the Turner Syndrome Support Society in memory of Erin. Among this group was Erin's daddy, grandpa, 3 of Erin's uncles and many of Erin's parents friends - it was a truly wonderful and humbling day. Another of Erin's uncles and her auntie also helped by driving some of our cyclists to Manchester very early in the morning.

The day began at 5:30am with a hearty breakfast for Erin's daddy before our 6:30am meet with 10 of the other cyclists. The remainder would be meeting us in Manchester at 8:00am. The cars were loaded up and we set off about 7:00am. After numerous mobile phone calls upon arrival we finally managed to assemble the group together - meeting under the 'M' of Manchester United outside the stadium shop. Brief introductions followed before the brave cyclists commenced their ride at 9:00am!

Some of the Erin's Gift team at the start of the ride

While the cyclists rode the 62 miles to Blackpool, their respective partners, children and friends began to assemble at the finishing point - by the glitter ball on Blackpool promenade. Luckily it was a beautiful sunny day and we had time for a lovely picnic before our incredible cyclists began to arrive. The quickest of the group, Jonny and Ant completed the ride in about 4 hours - which is amazing. The rest of the riders arrived over the next few hours - exhausted but proud of what they had done. Unfortunately we had one injury to a rider which meant he was unable to complete the ride - however, he has already confirmed that he wants to do it again next year, which is great! It was so overwhelming and amazing to see the cyclists in their Erin's Gift t-shirts and I feel so proud and grateful to each an every one.

Thank you so much to all the cyclists who took parts and to all the drivers who delivered them to the starting point, family and friends who cheered them on and generous people who sponsored them. So far our total is £1830, but with the sponsorship that is still to be collected I think we will have raised over £2000. You can visit the justgiving page here


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