Sunday, 12 February 2012

Coming Home

We stayed at Ronald McDonald House on the night that Erin died; huddled in one of the single beds trying to process what had just happened. I felt empty.

The next day the bereavement support worker told us what to do, which was just what we needed. I wasn't up for making any decisions. He took us in a taxi to the town hall in Liverpool where he had booked us in for a double appointment. In the first half of the appointment we registered the birth of our beautiful daughter Erin Susan on 9th November 2011. In the second half we registered her death just 22 days later on 1st December 2011.

As had become the norm at Alder Hey, the support that we received from bereavement staff was brilliant. We were given a memory box, locks of Erin's hair and foot and hand prints - things we will treasure forever. Then the moment that I had been dreading arrived.....we had to leave and go home without our little girl. Home to the moses basket in our bedroom, the pram in the lounge and her nursery, which she never got to see.

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